Dec. 5th Trades of the day

2017-12-05 tradesEntered 3 trades today for a overall loss, happy with how I executed all except MBRX

MBRX was my first of the day, I took an order at the open for a 2.34 entry price. It bumped up then fell stopping me out at 2.21.

Next I took VNET, entry was 7.67, however next candle dropped down to 7.52 briefly, stopping me out. It climbed after to a high of day 7.85. That wasn’t my target price as I was thinking it could have made a run to $8+ however I like how I waited and entered the trade on volume after missing the first entry point at 7 am. Good trade just too choppy at the entry point.

At this point I took a break and waited. Saw GALT pop up on my Low Float High Volume scanner and it looked good. I was going to take the entry around 1.40 on the 2nd of the 3 greens but was hesitant from the previous trades I took. When it started to squeeze up again I was able to get 2000 shares at 1.49.

It climber nicely while I watched the Market depth chart for a buy order large enough to close my position as it was more thinly traded than normal. Once I saw the 5000 share bid show up at 1.64 I exited and fucked off.  It did climber to 1.78 High so I left some profit on the table but I was more concerned at this point of taking some profits to pare down today’s earlier losses than try and wait for a sign of weakness which could have crashed the stock then left me with another loss.


Author: TVR

I am a aspiring Trader who is looking for a way to spend more time with friends and family by doing something I love.

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